How we work

How we view ourselves

Novel thinking, new perspectives and an implementation-oriented pragmatism. We are not know-it-alls, but see ourselves as pioneers, optimisers and redesigners in a network with our customers, partners and specialists.


The strength of the brand

For us, brands are not artificial constructs, but rather the nucleus of what is wanted and needed. The market as the place of all interests and concerns, where brands have to make an impact. Clear, understandable and "remark-able". Or in short: brands show what companies, organisations and people stand for. For us, a brand is a stepping stone to growth, change and successful positioning in the market.

Our Methods & Tools

In order to shape what is new in the future, we are convinced that we (also) have to break new ground. To do this, we use functional formats and introduce new processes. We firmly believe that complex problems can be solved when moving beyond traditional disciplines: in an interdisciplinary, collaborative and non-hierarchical way.

To do this, we consistently rely on the power of collective intelligence, working in a networked and interdisciplinary manner. This is how we take our customers on a journey to somewhere different.


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To implement our workshop formats, we draw on a comprehensive pool of models, templates and tried-and-tested tools. This way, we create a resilient balance of proven tools and individual formats in order to be able to respond to even challenging tasks and questions.


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Changes and complex challenges require engaging communication that is nevertheless understandable for all involved. Internal fronts are often hardened, or there is a lack of technical understanding. In these cases, we act as an interface and coordinating facilitator in order to be able to connect and combine people, disciplines and positions. The aim is to exploit the full potential of the organisation.

Strategic Think Tank & Workbench  

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Together with and on behalf of our customers, we consciously enter into strategic spheres without losing touch with reality. This way, as an external specialist team or outsourced think-tank, we develop new ideas for the future in the now.

Seminars & Training Sessions

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Inspiring and motivating people and professionally turning them into fellow campaigners for change: our seminars and training courses pass on knowledge and inspire people to be different in their own way. Online, offline, tailor-made.

Labs/ Experience sessions

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Away from the theory and straight into the pragmatically different. In innovative formats that focus on participation and experiences and which are fun – as they should be. Changes and ideas usually start on a small scale: it is important here to set processes and potential in motion at the right time, with the right people, and with suitable methods and procedures. The proverbial spark for starting up the engine of innovation, created through the introduction of appropriate external stimuli, and, all the while, taking teams and individuals with you in a targeted manner.

Know what the company knows.

As licensed and certified eigenland consultants, we support you with this innovative and intuitive workshop method. For this purpose, we develop individually tailored propositions for your task in order to elevate the greatest treasure in your company: the intuitive knowledge of your employees.

How eigenland®works 

eigenland® is based on certain basic findings of neuropsychology and human intuition: in an eigenland® workshop, the person performing is enabled in this way, and ideas and areas for potential that are lying dormant in the subconscious are awakened.


Scope of applications

Whenever complex or particularly contentious, controversial and/or innovative topics are to be discussed in a larger group of people. The limits to the participants' universes and egos can be overcome and the actual topic can be discussed in a targeted manner.


eigenland® is as flexible as the task requires. The number of propositions determines the length of a workshop – it can go by in a flash, in less than two hours, or extend intensively over a whole day. They can be carried out in anything from small groups to parallel workshop streams. Online or offline in a multisensory format.

How we work.
We are agile, but always committed.

We are pragmatic but not trivial.

We are consistently digital, but not nerds.

We are critical, but not belligerent sceptics.

We are solution-oriented, but not satisfied with the first idea that comes along.

This is us.
Together, collaboratively and with commitment to the cause, we work with and for each other: for the growth and sustainable success of our customers.