Who we work for

We work as an external consulting service provider for companies and as a skills plug-in for consulting firms and agencies. Both sides benefit from this, because, on the one hand, we act confidently and commandingly in corporate structures and, on the other hand, we know how consulting and creative service providers work. 

For us, what counts is the task and the people behind it. If both fit, we're on board. Committed, honest, open and straightforward in the typical North German way.

For Corporates

Embark with us on something different 

We work for medium-sized companies and corporations in both the German-speaking and international environments. The more technical and complex the industry and the more multifaceted the task in hand, the quicker we get up to operating temperature.


Possible areas of application:

  • Sparring Partner:  a competent and critical dialogue partner for all topics relating to branding/communication and chang.
  • External Strategy Hub: a consulting service provider and specialist external strategy team
  • Associated Team: assisting as an integral part of the customer team and internal resource

For Consulting Professionals

Specialists on equal terms

Complex tasks, new challenges and specialists who take on them. That's where we come in: we work for and with select consulting firms and agencies with integrity, without arrogance and with empathy. Under the flag of our clients. 


Possible areas of application:

  • Strategy Plug-In: to expand and supplement the existing strategy resources
  • Portfolio Scaling: risk-free and flexible expansion of the range of services 
  • Pitch Support: support during intensive phases of tenders and pitches

How we work

Doing better instead of knowing better. We are sparring partners, facilitators and providers of perspective. We firmly believe that complex problems can only be solved when moving beyond traditional disciplines: in an interdisciplinary, collaborative and non-hierarchical way.