We... Define | Create | Improve ... your Business.

Things always keep on going 
– even if differently. 

Rarely have we experienced this in such a radical way. Rarely has the pressure to change been so high. Yet, even without major upheavals in the economy and society, we see that we can access what is different with the authority of experience and the courage of departure.

We work as co-pioneers for a limited period, so that the bold idea of redesign does not turn into an endless utopia. 

Together, we develop viable ways to enable tomorrow's growth today based on the brand, a solid strategy and concrete potential for change.

Strategy consulting for medium-sized companies, corporations and organisations.

As an agile network, we offer contemporary and appropriate consulting services with effective strategies, strong brands and realisable ideas for the future. This is how we shape growth and the future together – with and for our customers.

Define //
Strategy & Planning

Strategy is mentally anticipated action. Together, we develop viable and effective ideas as well as ways to implement these in practice for the future. Pragmatic, well-founded and collaborative – involving all those concerned.

Create //
Marketing & Branding

Developing strong brands, strengthening identity and establishing loyalty in target groups in an inspiring way. No matter whether B2C or B2B. Strong brands as the key to awareness, growth and differentiation in saturated or new markets.

Improve //
Innovation & Change

The world around us is changing: more digital, more networked, more transparent. We work out where change is needed first, and at which adjusting screws. Holistic – without forgetting the essentials. 

Who we work for

We work as an external consulting service provider for companies and as a skills plug-in for consulting firms and agencies. The more technical and complex the industry and the more multifaceted the task in hand, the quicker we get up to operating temperature.